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Michigan Advocacy Center, PLLC

Michigan Advocacy Center, PLLC
May 16, 2022



“We are a client focused personal injury law firm. We will make the legal process simpler and help you take your life back.”

“Everyone at Michigan Advocacy Center, PLLC believes, supports and lives our company values.”



1. Family:

a. Team work: “We use a collaborative, yet flexible process to achieve common goals.”

b. Client Centric: “Our first step is to understand each client’s personal needs, with everything centered around providing a positive experience. We treat clients like family.”

c. Commitment: “If we make a promise, either internal or external – we keep that promise.”


2. Reliability:

a. Responsive: “Requests from clients will be treated with a high sense of urgency and importance.”

b. Dependable: “You can count on us to do what is necessary and meet your needs.”

c. Consistent Performance: “All team members have a strong work-ethic, with the education and training to support it.”


3. Communication:

a. Respect: “We treat every interaction with a high level of respect and professionalism.”

b. Empathy: “We take the time to understand your unique situation. We treat everyone as a human first.”

c. Compassion: “We strive to understand your unique circumstance and have the desire to help you regain control of your life.”


4. Professionalism:

a. Ethical: “Our team has strong morals and values – we always do the right thing.”

b. Honesty: “Our words and actions march. We will tell you the truth – even if it’s difficult.”

c. Integrity: “Our morals, ethics and values are the foundation of everything we do.”

Michigan Advocacy Center, PLLC

Call Now For A Personalized Case Evaluation
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